Compression Output Script

A script to get the output of the compression model.

import numpy as np

import visualization
from abaqus import *
from abaqusConstants import *
from driverUtils import *


# Open output database
odb = session.openOdb("Job-1.odb")

# Show the output database in viewport
session.viewports["Viewport: 1"].setValues(displayedObject=odb)

# Extract output data
dataList = session.xyDataListFromField(
    odb=odb, outputPosition=NODAL, variable=(("U", NODAL, ((COMPONENT, "U3"),)),), nodeSets=("INSTANCE.SET-TOP",)

data = np.array(dataList[0])
np.savetxt("data.csv", data, header="time,U3", delimiter=",", comments="")

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